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The Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation (PEIVDF) invites you to become a:

By becoming a BIG 5 Benefactor, your generous contribution will help ensure that PEIVDF can continue providing vitally necessary veterinary dental care for captive exotic animals. The vast majority of the animals we treat have suffered considerable physical abuse and/or neglect, before finding themselves lucky enough to be rescued by one of the wonderful facilities at which we provide our specialized care.

Before being rescued, these animals are often brutally subdued by their previous owners, often being struck with metal bars or other hard objects. We have encountered animals with shattered molars, as well as large canines broken off and driven up into the nasal turbinates. Without treatment, these conditions are - at a minimum - extremely painful, and more often than not, life-threatening.

PEIVDF offers (5) five benefactor levels. To maintain your Big 5 Benefactor status, contributions are renewable annually.

In exchange for your generous tax-deductible* donation, you will receive:

Level 1: Cape Buffalo - $25

  • (an affordable entry-level donation amount!)
  • an embroidered patch representing your benefactor level
  • a subscription to our e-Newsletter (unless you opt-out)

Level 2: Black Rhino - $100

  • the benefits of Level 1: Cape Buffalo, plus
  • name and gift level listed on PEIVDF website for one year
  • a link to your company website (unless you opt-out)
  • a paw print ready for framing of one of the animals on which we've worked (species chosen from those available)

Level 3: Leopard - $750

  • the benefits of Levels 1 & 2, plus
  • tourist admission to (1) US teaching mission during your 12-month benefactor period, at a facility chosen by PEIVDF (travel not included)
  • a CD of photo memories of your mission experience
  • a PEIVDF logo baseball cap (choice of bright orange or forest green)

Level 4: Elephant - $2,500

  • the benefits of Levels 1 - 3, plus
  • a second tourist admission to a US teaching mission (total of 2) during your 12-month benefactor period, at a facility chosen by PEIVDF (travel not included)
  • a personal veterinary dental consultation for your pets by PEIVDF founder Dr. Peter Emily!
  • a PEIVDF logo unisex-sized scrub top

Level 5: Lion - $5,000

  • the benefits of Levels 1 - 4, plus
  • PEIVDF logo unisex-sized field vest
  • an invitation to PEIVDF founder Dr. Peter Emily's annual holiday party in December, just West of Denver CO


Do you have questions about becoming a Big 5 Benefactor? If so, email us at:

To become a Big 5 Benefactor, please click HERE to be taken to our Donations page.

Please note: you must be 21 or older, or accompanied by a responsible adult, in order to attend a Mission as a tourist.

Click HERE to download and view our Tourist Mission Waiver Form.





* PEIVDF is recognized by the IRS as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity. Donations less the fair market value of any goods or services received may be tax-deductible to the extent allowed by Federal law as applies to the individual donor's tax situation.


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