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Meet Ms. Montana!


PEIVDF recently conducted a mission to a facility new to us - the Pueblo Zoo in Pueblo CO. Originally scheduled to treat 5 patients, PEIVDF instructors and staff worked tirelessly to treat 9 patients that day: Barney (Sun Bear); Suzy (Lar Gibbon); Rose (Pygmy Goat) and two more of her friends; Copper (Meerkat) and another of his friends; Thor (River Otter); and Brooke (mini horse) and two of her friends.

Visit this page again soon for udpates on the 5 root canals and 23 unavoidable extractions and other procedures performed as well as photos from this mission.

Pueblo's local paper - The Cheiftan - wrote a nice article about PEIVDF's work that day. Click HERE to download a .pdf of the article.

To learn more about Pueblo Zoo, please visit their website at:

Photos from this mission will be posted HERE soon.





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